New E-Ink product: qpaper──using LilyGo development board and self-developed system to make your own E-Ink watch

LilyGo is a company located in Shenzhen, China, specializing in R&D and sales of IOT Development Boards. One of their products is the T-Twist electronic paper development board, which is a display module with a 1.54-inch black and white E-Ink screen. Recently, a programmer from Turkey, , bought this module and wrote a watch system called qpaperOS for it. He also designed and 3D printed the watch case to create an E-Paper that can be worn on the wrist. -Ink watch──qpaper.

The 1.54-inch black and white E-Ink screen of qpaper provides a resolution of 200x200. It can not only display time and date, but also display other useful information, such as weather forecast and pedometer. Thanks to the low-power nature of the E-Ink display, the watch's 250mAh battery lasts for about five days. The core of qpaper lies in the ESP32 chip, which provides multiple functions, such as GPS positioning and supports deep sleep mode, which can automatically enter the sleep state when not in use to save battery power. The qpaperOS specially written for this watch has temporarily realized functions such as displaying time and date, displaying battery percentage, etc., and plans to add more functions in the future.

The shell of qpaper can be 3D printed and assembled. The designer has uploaded the relevant files for people to modify by themselves, and then matched with a strap to create a unique watch.
Thanks to the designer qewer33 for providing this open system qpaperOS selflessly. If you have the ability to 3D print and are interested in making an E-Ink watch by yourself, you can go to LilyGo official website to order related modules . According to the attached accessories, the price ranges from US$12.86 to Ranging from $26.47.
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