E-Ink新品:Pubu推出Pubook SE 7.8吋開放式電子書閱讀器

New E-Ink Product: Pubu Launches Pubook SE 7.8-inch Open Frame E-Book Reader

Pubu has been very active in the e-reader market recently. After releasing the 10.3-inch color machine Pubook Pro last month, it launched the Pubook SE 7.8-inch open e-book reader today, which has aroused a lot of discussion among e-reader enthusiasts in Taiwan. .

Pubook SE is the brother machine of Pubook launched by Pubu last year. The hardware configuration and mold of the two are the same. The difference is that the former adopts an open system; the latter is a closed system with a built-in Pubu e-bookstore. The interesting thing is that if users who purchased the closed Pubook want to switch to the open system, Pubu said that registration will be opened in mid-June, and users can update their machines to the open system through an update method.

The back cover of Pubook SE is made of frosted glass, and the metal arc frame gives users a comfortable touch. The body is light and thin, with a thickness of 5.9mm and a weight of about 270 grams, making it easy to carry. The color tone of this product is mainly simple black, and the back is graphite gray.

In terms of software, Pubook SE uses the Android 11 open system. In addition to supporting the content of Pubu e-bookstore, users can also install other reading applications through Google Play to increase the diversity of reading.

Pubook SE is equipped with warm and cold dual-color reading lights to adapt to different reading environments. In addition, the product also provides a variety of refresh modes to reduce power consumption and reduce afterimage. The product is equipped with 2GB RAM and has a storage space of 64GB, and supports Bluetooth function to provide a wider range of usage scenarios.

The Pubook SE 7.8-inch reader is now officially on the market. The original price is NT$ 9,070, and the pre-order package price is NT$6,990. The package will include the original leather case and a 1,000-yuan book purchase coupon (electronic serial number 100 yuan*10 sets) , and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. The pre-order period is from May 15, 2023 to June 15, 2023, and it is expected to ship in mid-June.

Please note that this pre-order of Pubu can only be shipped to Taiwan. If readers outside of Taiwan are interested in ordering, they may need to find a shipping service.

Pubook SE official website pre-order

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