E-Ink新品:Pubu Pubook Pro──硬件堆滿,內建ChatGPT的 10.3 吋彩色閱讀器

New E-Ink Product: Pubu Pubook Pro──A 10.3-inch color reader with built-in ChatGPT, full of hardware

Taiwan Pubu posted a survey on its Facebook page yesterday (April 18), sparking discussions among Taiwan reader lovers, announcing their upcoming second e-reader - Pubook Pro.

Pubook Pro is a reader with a 10.3-inch color E Ink Kaleido 3 panel, providing a resolution of 300PPI in black and white and 150PPI in color, and can display 4096 colors. It is equipped with MediaTek's 8-core processor (but the model has not been announced), 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, and it is billed as "Taiwan's first 10.3-inch color e-paper tablet reader with the highest specification." In addition, Pubook Pro also integrates Wacom handwriting technology, users can freely write and annotate on the reader.

This reader adopts an open system and runs the Android 12 version, which is guaranteed in terms of fluency and security. Basically, there is no need to worry about supporting third-party apps.

In addition to the hardware advantages, another selling point of Pubook Pro is the integration of ChatGPT AI, which provides the smartest real-time service in the device, provides translation and inquiry functions, and can guide, ask questions, or translate into a specified language by selecting any text paragraph .

Pubu also takes care of the reading needs of users, and comes with a "Reading e-Book Lifetime VIP Membership" at random, which can permanently read more than 400 current magazines and 10,000 audio/e-books, as well as various classic audio-visual courses, and A 2,000TWD gift certificate for book purchase is included.

Pubu stated in the questionnaire that Pubook Pro will be launched at a preferential price of 19,990TWD, including a full-color reader, an exclusive stylus, an exclusive magnetic leather case, a Lifetime VIP membership for full e-book reading, and a 2,000TWD gift certificate for book purchases.

Look forward to Pubu's announcement of the official release date of Pubook Pro and related details at a later time.

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