E-Ink新品:Project E-Ink──讓你每天看到最新報紙頭版

New E-Ink product: Project E-Ink──Let you see the front page of the latest newspaper every day

I still remember that three months ago, we reported on the E-Ink customized daily front page Hyepaper, which automatically updated the content (portal) every day through ChatGPT. Unexpectedly, a similar product is actually launched and commercialized now!

Now, there is a 32-inch news E-Ink display product called "Project E-Ink", which allows you to easily enjoy newspaper front pages at home. Note, however, that it has a much larger screen than Hyepaper, and there is no link to ChatGPT.

The E-Ink News Display is a large 32-inch digital display that uses E-Ink technology and does not support touch operation. It can last for weeks on a single charge and can display dynamic content such as newspaper front pages without distracting you. force. Made of stainless steel and glass panels, this stylish product is perfect for a living room or office.

Equipped with Wi-Fi and a cloud-based content management system, this E-Ink news display can easily load web pages and display newspaper front pages. The content management system also allows you to configure the screen refresh rate, such as setting it to refresh once every morning. But creator Alexander Klöpping emphasized that Project E Ink is not affiliated with any newspaper. It's a display that loads the URL of a newspaper cover, so everyone is encouraged to subscribe to their favorite newspapers and support quality journalism.

It weighs 8kg and has a handy VESA mount, allowing it to be easily hung on the wall and blending in nicely with existing decor. In addition, it is also equipped with a personal online portal, allowing you to easily set up and change the screen content. It can display not only newspaper front pages, but also other dynamic content such as weather forecasts, stock quotes, and more. In addition, it can also be displayed as a unique artwork, making your home more fashionable and personalized.

Project E-Ink not only allows you to see the latest newspaper front page every day, but also a work of art that can be displayed at home and can change every day. It is priced at 2,300 euros (not including VAT).

Project E-Ink official website

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