E-Ink新品:來自波蘭的Empik GoBook 2.0

E-Ink new product: Empik GoBook 2.0 from Poland

Empik GoBook 2.0 is a new e-reader launched by the Polish company Empik and was officially launched at the end of November. Does it look familiar? Yes, it uses the PocketBook Verse as the model, so you will see the same four physical buttons that are the PocketBook signature right below the fuselage.

Empik GoBook 2.0 official introduction video.

The Empik GoBook 2.0 is similar to the PocketBook Verse in terms of technical specifications, but differs in terms of system. It uses a 6-inch E-Ink Carta display with 1024 x 758 resolution (212PPI) and supports SMARTLight backlight and touch screen operation. It has built-in 8GB ROM, supports microSD card expansion up to 32GB, and is equipped with a USB-C interface and 2.4 GHz WiFi connection.

The appearance design of Empik GoBook 2.0 adopts a unique sky blue (Sky Lagoon) color, with dimensions of 108 x 156 x 7.6 mm and a weight of 182 grams, making it convenient for users to enjoy reading anytime and anywhere.

The unique design of Empik GoBook 2.0 is that it comes pre-installed with the Empik Go application, providing users with a convenient e-book purchasing and reading experience. It allows users to browse the e-book catalog and add their favorite books to the reader. Users can also select and download new books directly on the reader.

Finally, the launch of Empik GoBook 2.0 is also accompanied by an update to the Empik Go subscription plan. Empik Go offers two subscription options: Empik Go Mini (PLN 24.99 per month) and Empik Go Plus (PLN 49.99 per month), which respectively allow users to download 2 or 8 e-books of any choice within 30 days.

It is worth mentioning that e-books subscribed/purchased by users on Empik Go can be sent to Kindle for reading through the Empik Go for Kindle application, making users more flexible and convenient to use.

The Empik GoBook 2.0 is priced at PLN 589 (approximately £118), and interested readers can order directly on its official website .

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