E-Ink新品:Poem/1 ── 一款以詩歌追蹤時間的E-Ink時鐘

E-Ink new product: Poem/1 ─ An E-Ink clock that tracks time with poetry

In today's technological era, Matt Webb has launched a unique E-Ink clock called Poem/1. Its biggest feature is that it can use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to instantly create and display poems. These poems can not only tell time, but also It can also bring a touch of poetry and fun to users’ daily lives.

This clock uses E-Ink display technology, which not only ensures a clear display, but also ensures it can be easily read under different lighting conditions. The design concept of Poem/1 is to transform ordinary moments in daily life into extraordinary experiences, so it will be updated every minute. Each update is also a unique poem that will not be repeated, and time will be integrated into it. within the poem. These verses are intelligently generated through ChatGPT, making the passage of time more meaningful and fun.

In addition to its innovative ideas, Poem/1 adopts a simple and modern appearance in design, and the outer shell is printed by a 3D printer. It is suitable whether placed on a bookshelf or hung on the wall.

Poem/1 is currently being released as a project on Kickstarter (8 days left). The crowdfunding price is £119 and is expected to ship in August this year.
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