E-Ink新品:PocketBook推出全新6吋彩色閱讀器Verse Pro Color

E-Ink new products: PocketBook launches new 6-inch color reader Verse Pro Color

After launching the 7-inch color model Era Color in March, PocketBook has added another member to its color series and announced that it will launch its 6-inch color model Verse Pro Color at the end of June.

Verse Pro Color is equipped with a 6-inch E Ink Kaleido 3 color screen with a black and white display resolution of 1448×1072 (300 PPI) and a color display resolution of 536×724 (150 PPI). PocketBook flaunts that its front body is piano black and has no glass covering, which can reduce reflections and make outdoor reading more comfortable.

In terms of hardware configuration, compared to the Verse Pro launched last year, this color version has improved hardware. The processor has been upgraded from dual-core 1GHz to quad-core 1.8GHz, and the RAM has also been increased from 512MB to 1GB. Its battery capacity has also been increased from 1500mAH to 2100mAH, and Bluetooth has been upgraded from 4.0 to 5.4, allowing for better performance in transferring files and music. The rest of the configuration is roughly the same. For example, the ROM is still only 16GB, and it continues to support MicroSD card expansion storage and built-in gravity sensor to support automatic screen rotation. The Verse Pro Color also continues to be equipped with PocketBook's SMARTight frontlight system, which can be adjusted to warmer and colder colors, and supports an automatic adjustment function to automatically adjust the light brightness according to time to ensure the best reading experience under different light conditions. In addition, it continues to have IPX8 protection rating certification, which is waterproof and dustproof, making it suitable for use in environments such as bathtubs or beaches. By the way, unlike the previous generation, which had two colors to choose from, this time there is only one color, Stormy Sea.

Like other PocketBook models, the Verse Pro Color allows users to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks or convert any text file into an audiobook via text-to-speech functionality. This function supports 26 languages ​​and provides male and female voice options.

The PocketBook Verse Pro Color is expected to be available in the European market in mid-July, priced at approximately 169 euros. The launch in countries outside Europe is yet to be announced by PocketBook.

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