E-Ink新品跟進:Pocketbook InkPad Color 2終於正式上市!

Follow-up of new E-Ink products: Pocketbook InkPad Color 2 is finally on the market!

It is said that in late April, PocketBook announced that it would launch the InkPad Color 2, which was originally expected to be officially sold in the United States in early May. We also reported on this matter at the time, and introduced the features and hardware configuration of this new product. ( Portal ) But as a result , InkPad Color 2 was delayed all the way, and it was not officially released until early July.

This InkPad Color 2, like the previous generation, uses a Kaleido Plus color panel instead of the latest Kaleido 3, but the official said that the new generation has improved the color filter array, which will have "better hue and saturation performance." Since there is already a real machine, and the media has unpacked and measured it, so here are some additional features that were not mentioned last time.

The first is that Pocketbook supports more than a thousand public libraries in Europe and North America in the application part. As long as the personal library card number is entered, users can borrow books and read them on the InkPad Color 2 without computer operation.

The second is that InkPad Color 2 is equipped with two physical keys at the bottom of the screen, which are the home key and the setting key. Long press can turn pages forward or backward.

The third is that the back of the InkPad Color 2 has a detachable small back panel with a Pogo pin inside, which can be installed with an exclusive protective case with smart wake-up function, but this product is not yet on the market.

Finally, I want to emphasize an important point. The Pocketbook has always been running the Linux system. It is a closed device and cannot install any third-party APP.

Interested users can buy the color reader from Amazon in the US and UK for $329.99/£302.49.

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