E-Ink新品:PocketBook推出新款入門級閱讀器Basic Lux 4

E-Ink New Product: PocketBook Introduces New Entry-Level Reader Basic Lux 4

PocketBook launched the new Basic Lux 4 e-book reader, this product is a device for entry-level users, with rich features and affordable prices.

The Basic Lux 4 features a 6-inch black and white E-Ink Carta screen with a resolution of 758x1024 at 212 PPI and has front lighting, but no adjustable color temperature. It has 8GB of storage, and there's also a microSD card slot for expansion. It also features a USB-C port and WiFi connectivity.

Like most PocketBook models, the Basic Lux 4 has physical page-turn buttons located below the screen. It supports several common ebook formats, including those with Adobe DRM, and it also supports Dropbox for wireless file transfers. The weight of the device is 155 grams.

All in all, the PocketBook Basic Lux 4 is a very useful e-book reader with a wealth of features and an affordable price of $109.99, which is very suitable for users who love to read. If you're looking for an entry-level e-book reader, the PocketBook Basic Lux 4 is a solid choice.

PocketBook Basic Lux 4 official website purchase page

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