E-Ink新品:Philips Tableaux──採用ACeP彩色電子紙技術的節能廣告板

New E-Ink product: Philips Tableaux──Energy-saving advertising board with ACeP color electronic paper technology

The latest Tableaux series products launched by Philips use ACeP color electronic paper technology for menu boards and paperless POS posters. It can display static images without power and power consumption. With more than 60,000 colors, it only takes a few minutes to switch to new images Very low power consumption is required.

Philips Tableaux uses a 25.3-inch E-Ink Advanced Color electronic paper display with more than 60,000 colors, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a resolution of 3200x1800, which can clearly present information and colorful images. This display is equipped with Rockchip PX30 processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, and runs Android 11 system. Users only need to connect it to the power supply to upload new static content and refresh it through USB, LAN or WiFi connection. The official said to update the image It takes 36 seconds. The entire display weighs only 2.4 kg, making it easy to move and install.

Tableaux's content update can be managed manually or remotely through PPDS or a third-party display management platform, and after content is sent, it can play a series of pictures in a loop or display a single picture.

In addition to the advantages of the Tableaux series products, Philips also provides a powerful control software - Telelogos. Telelogos is a comprehensive digital display board management solution that enables remote control and content management of the Tableaux range of products. This software allows users to easily create, edit and schedule content, and push it to the Tableaux dashboard. Users can also monitor the running status of the dashboard in real time and generate detailed reports and analysis.

Since Philips has not announced the price of the product, it is found on the Internet that a British agent sells it for 1,600 pounds (excluding VAT), and an American agent sells it for $2,548, for readers' reference.

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