E-Ink新品:文石BOOX推出中國限定新品Tab10 C及Poke5/5S,附Tab10 C和Tab Ultra C差異

New E-Ink Products: Onyx BOOX Launches China-limited New Products Tab10 C and Poke5/5S, with differences between Tab10 C and Tab Ultra C

Onyx BOOX held a new product launch conference yesterday, May 5, and launched new models Tab10 C, Poke5 and Poke5S limited to China, among which Tab10 C is a color ink tablet, while Poke5 and Poke5S are two e-readers.

Both Poke5 and Poke5S use a 6-inch screen, but the difference is that Poke5 uses a flat screen, while Poke5S uses a non-flat screen. The resolution of Poke5 is 1448×1072 (300PPI), while that of Poke5S is 1024×758 (212PPI). Both have 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, and support up to 1TB TF expansion card slot. The battery capacity of Poke5 and Poke5S are both 1500mAh, and the body size and weight are similar, 148×108×6.8mm and 160 grams respectively. The initial price of Poke5's new product is 999 yuan, while the initial price of Poke5S is 799 yuan, and the gift box is 899 yuan.

The Tab10 C is a 10.3 -inch color E-Ink tablet, which uses the latest E Ink Kaleido3 display screen with a screen resolution of 2480×1860 (black and white 300ppi, color 150ppi). The designed front light "E Ink ComfortGaze", reduces the amount of blue light reflected from the screen surface during use, for a better reading experience. Of course, there is also the iconic independent display chip of the Tab series, which makes the application refresh smoother. Tab10 C also supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and a magnetic stylus. In addition, it is equipped with dual speakers and a high-sensitivity microphone, with fingerprint recognition function, the battery size is 6300mAh, and the overall weight is about 480 grams. In particular, it can share its folding magnetic cover and keyboard stand cover with the Tab10 . The initial price of Tab10 C is 4099 yuan.

Due to quite a lot of readers' inquiries, here we briefly introduce the Tab Ultra C of the Onyx BOOX overseas limited edition and the T10 C of the Chinese limited edition. The main differences between the two are as follows:

First of all, the overseas version of the Tab Ultra C is equipped with a 16-megapixel rear camera, while the T10 C does not have this feature. Secondly, in terms of server selection, Tab Ultra C does not provide the option of China, only the United States, Europe and Vietnam; on the contrary, the server of T10 C only has the option of China. In addition, Tab Ultra C's bookstore only provides English content, while T10 C is embedded with JD.com and Get Bookstore.

It is worth mentioning that the certified Google Play can be used after the Tab Ultra C is turned on, while the T10 C needs to be installed by the user and has no built-in. In general, these two products have slightly different functions and regional restrictions, and users can choose the appropriate version according to their own needs.


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