E-Ink新品:文石Boox發布中國限定的Note X3 Plus,10.3吋Note X3家族再擴展

E-Ink new product: Onyx Boox releases China-limited Note X3 Plus, expanding the 10.3-inch Note X3 family

Onyx Boox has been active in the Chinese market since the second quarter. After releasing the Note X3 Youth Edition and Note X3 Pro in late April, a month later, the Note X3 Plus was released yesterday (May 22), adding another member to the 10.3-inch Note X family.

This is not the first time that Onyx Boox has adopted Plus. For example, after the Note Air2 was launched overseas in 2021, the Note Air2 Plus was launched half a year later. The same mold was used, but the specifications were upgraded. But this time the approach of aragonite in the Chinese market is a little different, because this time the Note X3 Plus uses a completely different mold from the X3, which is more similar to Onyx Boox's previous Note series style.

Here we will also introduce the similarities and differences between Note X3 Plus and X3. Both use 10.3-inch black and white E-Ink Carta 1000 panels, with the same resolution of 227PPI. However, the X3 Plus should not have microcrystal etching, but will add an original handwriting film to improve the writing feel. It is estimated that it will be the same as the X3 Plus. The overseas version of the Note Air series is handled similarly. Another upgrade is that the RAM has been increased from 4GB to 6GB; the ROM has been doubled from 64GB to 128GB. The current generation of power on/off keys also supports fingerprint unlocking functions, providing users with safer and more convenient protection. The back of the phone is also made from alloy material and is made of non-slip high-strength glass, which is said to be less likely to stick to fingerprints.

But surprisingly, the X3 Plus also has several downgrades. The first is that the processor has been downgraded from the Qualcomm 680 (octa-core 2.4GHz) to the previous generation Qualcomm 662 (octa-core 2.0GHz); the second is that the X3 Plus does not support the insertion of TF cards; the third is that it is not equipped with a G-Sensor and cannot automatically Turn; the third is that the battery capacity has been reduced from 3700 mAh to 3000 mAh; the last item is that the Android system version is 11, not Android 12 of the X3.

Onyx Boox's Note X3 Plus will be officially put on sale on May 31, with an initial price of 2,499 RMB, which is only 50 RMB more expensive than the Note X3. Interested readers can order it at Onyx Boox's self-operated flagship store on JD.com .

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