E-Ink新品:文石BOOX推出全新海外限定 6吋 Poke5閱讀器 及 與Poke4 Lite的異同一覽

New E-Ink product: Onyx BOOX launched a new overseas limited 6-inch Poke5 reader and a list of similarities and similarities with Poke4 Lite

Following the Tab Ultra C, Onyx BOOX released a new overseas limited product on May 5, this time a 6-inch reader called Poke5. For consumers who love thin-screen phones, this new product may make up for their regrets about the lack of hardware of the previous generation Poke4 Lite.

Here are the similarities and differences between Poke5 and Poke4 Lite:

Poke5 finally returns to the full screen of 300 PPI, replacing the entry-level 212 PPI, and supports the insertion of TF cards. While RAM remains the same at 2GB, ROM increases to 32GB. In addition, Poke5 has also added a microphone function, and supports a magnetic protective case, no longer using a hard plastic case. In terms of size, the thickness has been reduced from 7.1mm to 6.8mm, which is 0.3mm thinner, while the weight has increased slightly, from 150 grams to 160 grams. The workmanship of Poke5 is quite solid. It is worth mentioning that only the black version will be launched this time, and there is no news about the white version.

Other than that, Poke5 is similar to Poke4 Lite in other specifications, such as CPU, Android version 11, power and headlights, etc. To some extent, Poke5 is more like a true upgrade of Poke4.

Onyx BOOX's 6-inch Poke5 is priced at US$169.99, and the price in Hong Kong is HK$1,498. This new product undoubtedly provides a better choice for consumers who love fine-screen readers, allowing them to enjoy the upgrade of hardware and appearance while enjoying reading.

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