E-Ink新品:文石Boox推出全新Go系列閱讀器──Go Color 7與Go 10.3

E-Ink new products: Boox launches new Go series readers─Go Color 7 and Go 10.3

Boox released its new Go series today (June 6), including the 7-inch color Go Color 7 and the 10.3-inch black and white Go 10.3. Now we will immediately introduce to you the features of both.

Go Color 7 can be regarded as a color-enhanced version of Page: equipped with a 7-inch Kaleido 3 color panel, its black and white display resolution is 300 PPI, and the color display resolution is 150 PPI. In terms of hardware configuration, compared to the black and white Page, its processor has been upgraded from Qualcomm 662 (eight cores 2.0GHz) to Qualcomm 680 (eight cores 2.4GHz); RAM has been upgraded from 3GB to 4GB, and 32GB ROM has also been doubled to 64GB; new The system version of the model also adopts the update Android12. In addition, the Go Color 7 has been converted to a back cover with a rough texture, allowing users to hold it firmly. However, perhaps because of this conversion, the thickness of this color machine has increased slightly to 6.4mm (Page is 6mm). The rest of the hardware settings are basically the same as the Page, such as the same reading light, support for TF cards, and the same 2300mAH.

The Go 10.3 is a reader equipped with a 10.3-inch Carta 1200 black and white e-ink screen. It is Boox’s first 10.3-inch black and white model with a pixel density of 300 PPI, and because the front light layer is removed (note, there is no reading light), thus bringing a clearer and more delicate display effect, and the background color will be whiter. The most noteworthy thing must be that the thickness of its body is only 4.6mm, which is even thinner than the 4.7mm of the reMarkable 2, which is famous for being thin. It is really amazing! The weight is only 375 grams, making this Go 10.3 the lightest and thinnest Aragonite 10.3-inch model. The battery can still maintain the same 3700mAH as the Note Air3 series. In terms of hardware configuration, Go 10.3 is equipped with Qualcomm 680 processor, equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, supports Wacom EMR handwriting, is equipped with G-Sensor, and its system version is Android12. However, please note that Go 10.3 does not support the insertion of TF cards, Boox’s signature BSR independent graphics chip fast refresh technology, and does not support fingerprint unlocking.

The two new models of the Go series are now available for order on the official overseas website of Boox. Go Color 7 is priced at US$249.99 ( €279.99 in Europe); Go 10.3 is priced at US$379.99 ( €419.99 in Europe).

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