E-Ink new products: Onyx Boox and HyRead launch new protective cases for their readers

Recently, Onyx Boox and HyRead have also launched new protective cover accessories for their reader products. Now I will introduce them to you.

In early February, Boox launched a new flip cover (off-white) for its popular mobile phone size e-reader Palma. It is made of durable PU material and has a silky texture and simulated leather appearance. This protective case has a flip-top design, which not only protects the device from daily wear and tear, but also allows users to stand the Palma horizontally on the table, providing an additional reading experience. This flip protective case is priced at $15.99. Users can purchase this protective case at a discounted price of $5.99 when purchasing Palma from the official website of Jingshi International .

The new protective case features a horizontal stand. (Image: Aragonite Boox)

After Taiwan HyRead launched the latest 6-inch color machine Gaze Mini C in January, it finally launched a roll-over protective case for the Gaze Mini series two days ago (February 20), allowing users to use it in addition to the original storage protective case. , one more choice! This roll-over protective case is available in three colors, namely military green , fog gray blue and bean paste green . The body is protected by a soft board back shell, and all buttons are independently covered. With the magnetic induction function, users can lift the cover and closed to wake up and hibernate the device. The speakers and TF card slots under the fuselage are designed with openings, which will not affect the user experience. This rollover protective case is priced at NT$590, and HyRead’s official website is currently offering a limited-time discount for only NT$490.

The new protective case of the Gaze Mini series adopts the same soft-shell design as the Gaze Note Plus series. (Image: HyRead)

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