E-Ink new product: OKPad dual-screen tablet, color LCD combined with E-Ink

Recently, there is a new product with a dual-screen design called OKPad, which is about to start crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform. The biggest selling point of this dual-screen tablet is that it combines an 8.9-inch color LCD display (possibly an Android tablet) and a 7.8-inch black and white E-Ink display, providing users with a versatile experience.

The design team Bluegen has not announced the hardware configuration of OKPad at this stage, but has demonstrated some of its application scenarios and functions through an introduction video. When you open the OKPad with a metal body, you will see two screens, and the hinge in the middle can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The device can be completely folded, using only one side of the screen; it can also be folded at any angle into tent mode or used like a computer notebook.

In addition, users can use the LCD screen to participate in meetings (that is, there should be a front-facing lens), and then use a pen to write down key points on the E-Ink screen; they can also connect the keyboard via Bluetooth, and then wirelessly project the LCD screen to the monitor for easy viewing. Became a Laptop computer.

Since OKPad has not yet been officially launched on the crowdfunding platform, we still don’t know the thickness and weight of this new product, which is mainly lightweight and portable, as well as its early bird pricing. I look forward to reporting it to everyone after it is officially released. Interested readers can register on its Kickstarter website .

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