E-Ink產品:國文OBOOK學伴一本通S1/S1 Pro──4.26吋的手機型閱讀器

E-Ink products: Chinese OBOOK Learning Companion Yitong S1/S1 Pro──4.26-inch mobile phone reader

Reader enthusiasts in Taiwan are currently discussing mobile phone E-Ink readers. Since Aragonite Boox was launched earlier, the 6.13-inch Palma is only available for sale in limited quantities, and only a small number of people can get it. As a result, Hisense’s 5.84-inch Touch Lite has become The most sought-after substitute. If you are interested in this type of mobile phone reader, there is also a Chinese brand, Guowen OBOOK, which has launched a lighter model-Xueban Yiyitong S1/S1 Pro.

The Chinese OBOOK S1/S1 Pro looks like a small mobile phone, but it is actually a reader equipped with a 4.26-inch E-Ink screen with a resolution of 800x480 and 219PPI. The S1 has a non-flat screen with a white cover on the front and no headlights; the S1 Pro has a flat screen with a black cover on the front and 20-level cool-color headlights. The former weighs only 88 grams; the latter is 94 grams, both very light. Both models are 32GB ROM, equipped with USB-C charging port, speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack, and up and down volume keys, which can be used to turn pages when reading. In particular, they are not open-ended reading. They use their own OBOOK OS and cannot install third-party apps at will. They can only use their own built-in programs, such as Baidu Netdisk, WeChat Chuanshu and Shuku.

The manufacturer advertises that it is not just a reader, but also a learning machine. It has a built-in "Bi Sheng Library", which has more than 100,000 books for elementary and middle school students. Chinese and foreign classics and English books can be read for free, and there are also built-in English and ancient poetry learning Card. In addition, it supports batch import of self-built thesaurus through computer and Excel. The built-in reading program supports more than ten mainstream e-book formats on the market, and has the function of switching between traditional and simplified Chinese with one key.

The Chinese OBOOK Learning Companion Yiyitong S1/S1 Pro is available in its own flagship store on JD.com . The current price of S1 is 329RMB; S1 Pro is 369RMB.

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