E-Ink產品:Mudita Pure──簡約主義者的理想手機

E-Ink Product: Mudita Pure – The Ideal Phone for Minimalists

You may still have some impressions of Mudita, a company from Poland, because two months ago, we reported their new product on the crowdfunding platform—E-Ink alarm clock Harmony 2. ( Portal ) The simple and neutral design concept makes its products very distinctive. It turned out that before this alarm clock came out, they also launched a mobile phone with the same style and the same E-Ink screen ─ ─ Mudita Pure.

Mudita Pure is equipped with a 2.84-inch E-Ink display with a resolution of 600x480, a PPI of 270, and supports 16 grayscales. It is very suitable for reading under light and provides a friendly visual experience for the user's eyes. Plus, Mudita Pure's display doesn't emit blue light, disrupting your body clock rhythm. This unique phone comes with 16GB ROM, supports 4G, and has two nano SIM card slots.

One of Mudita Pure's design philosophy is not to interfere too much with your life, freeing you from over-immersed technology. Therefore, there is a sliding physical button on the side of the mobile phone, and one key can set the mobile phone to three states: Connected, Do not disturb and Offline. In addition, it has a unique open source system MuditaOS designed for user health and privacy, as well as E-Ink display features. In addition to basic functions such as calling and sending text messages, it also has built-in tools such as alarm clock, music player, calendar, meditation timer, etc., with an interface and operation process that fit its concept style, hoping not to distract users. Focus on what matters most.

Mudita Pure is equipped with a high-quality Harman speaker, as well as Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.5mm headphone jacks, users can enjoy music or listen to audiobooks according to their preferences and mood.

Mudita Pure also has an ultra-low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value and has patented this technology, making it an ideal choice if you wish to minimize your mobile phone radiation exposure. Lab tests have confirmed that Mudita Pure has the lowest head SAR value of any mobile phone on the market at only 0.06(W/kg).

The battery capacity of Mudita Pure is 1600mAh, it can be used for about 10 days in normal use, and the standby time is about 14 days. In addition, it adopts a design that can be replaced with a flip cover, which is quite rare in the mobile phone industry today.

This mobile phone Mudita Pure, which brings pure simplicity to users’ lives, is priced at $369. When it was crowdfunded on Kickstarter a few years ago, it had more than a thousand supporters. It was originally scheduled to be shipped in 2020, but it was delayed all the way due to the epidemic. It was finally shipped in full last year. It is a pity that this phone is sold out on the official website. I don’t know when it will be replenished again, and I don’t know if the Mudita team has plans to develop the second generation of Pure.

Mudita Pure official website

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