E-Ink新品:Mudita推出設計簡約且實用的Harmony 2 E-Ink鬧鐘

New E-Ink Product: Mudita Launches the Harmony 2 E-Ink Alarm Clock with Simple Design and Functionality

Recently, Mudita launched an upgraded version of the E Ink alarm clock Harmony 2. Keeping the minimalist style alive, this new generation alarm clock is a digital alarm clock.

Harmony 2 not only provides gentle music or nature sounds as a gentle reminder, but also adds some new features. The alarm clock uses a 2.84-inch E Ink display with a resolution of 480×600, 270 PPI, and supports 16 levels of grayscale. Comes with a front light so the user can see the time in the dark. Built-in Arm Cortex-M7 600MHz processor, 4GB internal storage space and 12 preloaded alarm clock music. Mudita will roll out a firmware update that will allow users to use their own music or voice as an alarm clock.

There are several touch buttons on the top of the clock, including a back button, a button to adjust the front-lit display, and a button to access the settings menu. On the back there is a speaker with a maximum output of 3.5 watts .

The special feature of Mudita alarm clock is the sound effect. The company hired Canadian musician Nick Lewis to record the vocals and melodies, using a variety of instruments. Additionally, Harmony 2 offers a collection of nature sounds crafted by Polish nature sound artist Marcin Dymiter. Additionally, Harmony 2 has a built-in meditation timer. The user can select the length and number of intervals for the desired meditation.

Mudita's previous generation Harmony alarm clock was well received for its simple design and natural sound effects, and Mudita also expects Harmony 2 to bring users a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. As a unique brand in the field of E Ink alarm clocks, Mudita is currently the only one in the market. This new product is expected to be pre-sold on Kickstarter in late May.

Mudita Harmony 2 official website

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