E-Ink新品:比官網更快登場,率先在台灣面世的Mobiscribe Wave Color Kaleido 3

New E-Ink product: Mobiscribe Wave Color Kaleido 3, launched faster than the official website, first launched in Taiwan

In April last year , we reported that MobiScribe was released in January 2023. It is expected that the new 7.8-inch WAVE Color model using Kaleido 3 will be officially launched in April. It is estimated that due to production capacity issues of Yuantai Technology, it has been delayed. As a result, 2023 has passed, and there is still no news about the new model of MobiScribe.

On this day in 2024 (February 7), some Taiwanese netizens discovered that MobiScribe WAVE Color Kaleido version 3 was on sale on book.com.tw and Friday Shopping. However, the specification sheet on its product website has not yet updated the information. It still shows that the screen is 7.8" E-ink Kaleido Plus. However, the title of the blog states "MobiScribe WAVE 7.8-inch Kaleido3", while the Friday shopping website uses The display picture of the previous generation, but it is stated in the introduction that "this is the new version of 2024, only for the panel replacement of Kaleido 3, other specifications are the same as the original version", it should not be confused with the previous generation (hope that the store/manufacturer is not confusing old and new products ). On these two websites, the price of this new phone is NT$9,890.

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Friday shopping website page.

It is worth mentioning that even the official website of MobiScribe has not yet launched this new color machine. It says "COMING SPRING 2024" in the introduction column (its Traditional Chinese version has not been updated yet, and it says "will be launched in April 2023"... ...), and the display picture has also been changed to the Year of the Dragon 2024. It seems that it is expected to be officially launched after the Lunar New Year. It seems that MobiScribe is testing the water temperature in the Taiwan market in advance, or is giving preferential treatment to supporters in Taiwan and is the first to launch new products here.

MobiScribe official website.


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