E-Ink新品:墨案推出升級型號MIX7 S──金色機身配上E-Ink Carta1200屏幕的7吋旗艦

New E-Ink product: Moan launched an upgraded model MIX7 S──7-inch flagship with golden body and E-Ink Carta1200 screen

As one of the companies in Xiaomi’s ecological chain, InkPalm has launched many readers in the past few years. Its products are quite distinctive, such as its mobile phone reader mini reader InkPalm series, which has accumulated a certain number of supporters. And today (September 7), Moan released the upgraded model MIX7 S of its 7-inch flagship model MIX7, which is attracted by a rather eye-catching golden metal casing.

Moan MIX7 S uses a metal body, and the official color is "naive gold". This generation continues to use the side-grip fuselage design imitating the Kindle Oasis. The back cover on the side of the handshake has a concave-convex lacquered PU leather, which has a non-slip effect and is quite recognizable.

Compared with the previous generation, MIX7 S has two main upgrades. The first is that the official promotion emphasizes that the current generation screen uses E-Ink Carta1200. Under the same resolution (1264x1680) and 300PPI, the contrast ratio is increased by 18%, and the page turning speed is increased by 22%. The other is the battery life. Although the battery is the same as the previous generation, the battery is 2300 mAh, and the ink case has been specially improved for the current generation. It is advertised as about 80 hours of continuous reading time or 45 days of standby time.

Except for the above two items, the mold and hardware configuration of the two generations are basically the same, including a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 64GB ROM, Android version 11 and a weight of about 216 grams.

In terms of price, the ink case maintains the same price as the previous generation, 1499RMB, and the box will come with an original magnetic protection cover.

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