E-Ink’s new product: Moan Inkpalm Mini 5 Pro──A cheap choice for mobile phone-based open readers

Recently, mobile phone readers have become a trend in the reader group in Hong Kong and Taiwan. From Hisense Touch Lite, which became popular in August, to Boox Palma, which was officially launched by Boox in mid-September, it has become a trend. In addition to these two popular choices, China's Mopan actually has similar products. In August this year, it also launched its latest 5.2-inch Inkpalm Mini 5 Pro, which may give users who like mobile phones one more choice.

This new model of Modan is an upgraded version of the Inkpalm Mini 5 launched in 2021. It was launched to commemorate the total cumulative sales of the Inkpalm Mini series (including the Inkpalm Mini Plus launched in 2022) exceeding 100,000 units. The hardware configuration of Moan Inkpalm Mini 5 Pro and Inkpalm Mini 5 are basically the same. It is equipped with a 5.2-inch E-Ink screen, using a flat high-transmittance glass cover, with a resolution of 1280x720, 284PPI; the processor is Rockchip quad-core RK3566 has only 1GB RAM; it is equipped with 24-level cool and warm dual-color headlights and Bluetooth 5.0. It is also an open Android 8.1 system, and the battery is also 1400 mAh. The biggest upgrade of the Pro is the doubling of memory space, from 32GB to 64GB ROM.

Compared with similar competing products, Inkpalm Mini 5 Pro weighs only 115 grams and is 6.9mm thick. It is lighter than ordinary mobile phones and is more portable. It is also priced at the cheapest price of 699 RMB.

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