E-Ink新品:墨案發布全新6吋彩色閱讀器Pantone 6

E-Ink new product: Moaan releases new 6-inch color reader Pantone 6

Moaan released and pre-sold the latest 6-inch color reader Pantone 6 yesterday (May 20), bringing a new choice to users who love lightweight and portability.

The Pantone 6 reader uses the latest Kaleido 3 color screen technology, with 300 PPI in black and white and 150 PPI in color. On top of the color panel, Moaan installed a high-aluminosilicate glass cover with an electroplated AG film process to effectively prevent glare and enhance the screen's scratch resistance and anti-interference capabilities. In addition, it has built-in ink MRD display adjustment technology. After algorithm optimization, the color density is higher. It also supports balanced refresh mode and custom color adjustment functions to effectively reduce afterimages.

In terms of hardware configuration, Pantone 6 is equipped with an RK3566 processor, equipped with a memory combination of 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, and runs the pre-installed Android 11 system to ensure a smooth operating experience. The reader has a built-in 1800mAh battery, and the official claims that it can be on standby for 30 days after being fully charged. In addition, it has a 32-level cold and warm dual color temperature front light, which supports color temperature and brightness adjustment, providing users with a comfortable reading environment. The entire Pantone 6 weighs only 152 grams and is 7.25mm thick. Finally, I have to mention that its blue engraved textured back shell is also quite recognizable.

The initial price of Moaan Pantone 6 is 999 RMB, and it also comes with 1-year broken screen insurance. Interested readers can pre-order it at Moaan’s JD.com self-operated flagship store .

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