E-Ink新品:小米CyberDog 2的隱藏版本──E Ink Prism™電子紙的嶄新應用

New E-Ink product: Hidden version of Xiaomi CyberDog 2──A new application of E Ink Prism™ electronic paper

Xiaomi Technology released a robot dog called CyberDog 2 on August 14. This robot dog has a variety of functions, including artificial intelligence, machine vision, voice recognition, etc., and can help users complete various tasks. In addition, CyberDog 2 also has a detachable shell, which supports 3D printing. What we pay attention to is that it also has a hidden version, which uses Yuantai Technology's variable color electronic paper E Ink Prism™, which converts colors through electric current, which is very eye-catching.

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Our readers should be familiar with E Ink Prism™ electronic paper, because it has appeared several times in this "E-Ink News" column, including BMW's concept car i Vision Dee ( Portal ), and Yuantai Technology and Kohler cooperated to launch a smart toilet fitted with E Ink Prism™ electronic paper, etc. ( Portal ) It can change the surface touched in daily life, achieve dynamic color changes, and make personal expression and design more free. It is also used in products such as architectural appearance, decorative compartments and car shells, especially because of its extremely low power consumption , Lightweight and durable, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, suitable for attaching to different facades and integrating with various substrates.

It is understood that Xiaomi's new product has not yet mass-produced the CyberDog 2 equipped with E Ink Prism™ electronic paper, but first announced it in the form of a concept product. The follow-up will determine the mass production schedule according to market demand. The normal version of CyberDog 2 is on sale in China, priced at 12999RMB. The launch of this robot dog will bring more fun and convenience to people's life, and it also demonstrates the application prospects of E Ink Prism™ color-changing electronic paper materials of Yuantai Technology in different products.

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