New E-Ink products: Haoqing Technology MEEBOOK releases new 6-inch color reader M6C and 7.8-inch black and white P78 Youth Edition

In the second quarter of 2024, Haoqing Technology MEEBOOK became active. Following the release of the 10.3-inch reader M103 last month, two new models were announced on May 20 - the 6-inch color machine M6C and the 7.8-inch black and white model. P78 Youth Edition.

MEEBOOK M6 was launched by them in March last year. In terms of mold design, it finally got rid of the shadow of the Boyue Likebook series. It is a self-designed model and became quite popular after its launch. About a year later, its color version M6C also appeared. In terms of hardware specifications, the MEEBOOK M6C is the same as the M6 ​​except that it uses a color E-Ink Kaleido 3 panel, changes from a flat screen to a concave screen , and changes the body from blue to all-white. RK3566, also has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. The M6C also maintains its advantages of supporting TF card insertion, equipped with a complete Google framework, and the Google Play Store, and the initial price is 849 RMB.

The P78 Youth Edition is a cheap option that MEEBOOK brings to users who simply read, because it castrates the handwriting function and Google Play Store of the P78 Pro, and converts it to a white mold. The other hardware specifications are basically the same, but the price is higher than The P78 Pro is 250RMB cheaper, with an initial price of 1,099RMB.

Readers should note that M6C and P78 Youth Edition are customized versions jointly produced by JD Reading and MEEBOOK , so if you are interested in the above two new MEEBOOK machines, you need to go to the JD Read JD self-operated flagship store ( M6C / P78 Youth Edition ) can only be ordered. It is not yet available in the MEEBOOKJD.com self-operated flagship store .

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