E-Ink新品:德國製造的Inkycal v3──輕薄且環保的智能信息儀表板

E-Ink new product: Inkycal v3 made in Germany──thin, light and environmentally friendly smart information dashboard

The aceinnolab company from Germany recently launched Inkycal v3, which is a new E-Paper dashboard mainly targeted at the personal information management market. This product has attracted the attention of the market with its effective driver board, simple appearance and environmentally friendly features.

The core of Inkycal v3 lies in its specially designed driver board, which effectively drives the 7.5-inch three-color E Ink display while achieving the best balance in terms of cost-effectiveness. The appearance of the product has been newly designed, measuring 13x18cm, only 10mm thick and weighing less than 150 grams. It is very light and thin. It is equipped with a black back cover and black and white borders. All external components are cleverly hidden, showing a A simple and modern style.

In terms of environmental protection, Inkycal v3 performs well. Most of its components are environmentally friendly, decomposable or easily disassembled, and it also offers a program to recycle old devices, which not only helps reduce waste but also encourages the reuse of hardware resources.

Inkycal v3's software is equally compelling. It supports a variety of functions, such as calendars, weather forecasts and news feeds, which can be easily configured through a web interface running on the Raspberry Pi, without requiring any programming skills on the part of the user. The product package includes Raspberry Pi Zero W, 7.5-inch E-Paper display and microSD card pre-installed with Inkycal software, providing users with a complete solution

This German-made Inkycal v3 is available in three color options: "black, white, red" and "black, white and yellow". It is priced at $190, with shipping fees ranging from $7 to $25 .

Inkycal v3 product purchase page

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