E-Ink product: LivingPackets e-paper smart logistics box - no need to print labels, say no to excessive packaging

In this era of online shopping, I wonder if you will be troubled by the handling of cartons and protective materials every time you open the box. Sometimes excessive packaging is also a trouble, and it is also a harm to the earth. In response to the above problems, LivingPackets, a French company founded in 2016, invented a reusable e-paper smart logistics box. Its products have recently received UPS certification and the LVMH Innovation Award. In the logistics industry, it has gradually entered the mainstream from a new venture.

LivingPackets provides two different sizes of e-paper smart logistics boxes ─ ─ The Box and The Box Pro, as well as The TABLET, an electronic card that can be installed on the logistics box. Each logistics box can be reused hundreds, even thousands of times. Most of the materials of the boxes are made of recycled materials, and the old boxes will also be recycled into new logistics boxes. There will be an elastic film inside the box. When the box is closed, the goods will be fixed to ensure that they will not shake when moving and avoid collisions, and merchants will no longer need to use non-environmentally friendly fillers. After the customer receives and unpacks the box, the box can be returned to the merchants and collection stations that cooperate with LivingPackets.

There will be an elastic film inside the box to fix the goods.

Its flagship product, The Box, has IP54 waterproof certification, built-in GPS, temperature and humidity detectors, and impact sensing. During the delivery process, merchants can learn various data about the package through its system. Get notified instantly. The box is embedded with a camera, and when an intrusion risk is detected, monitoring will be activated to prevent theft and protect both buyers and sellers. In addition, it is also equipped with TSA lock and electronic lock system, and the recipient needs to use the supporting APP to unlock and pick up the package. The Box Pro basically functions the same as The Box, except that it has integrated Bumper™ technology in the corners, which is more anti-collision and more protective.

Foldable dual-use design.

One of its biggest selling points, of course, is the use of electronic paper to replace paper labels to display barcodes, recipients and other logistics information, and merchants no longer need to use printers to print. The soft electronic paper has high durability, is not easy to break, and can effectively resist impact or drop during transportation.

Display logistics information such as barcodes and recipients on electronic paper.

Well, the price of such a multi-functional and practical product is really not cheap. If you use it for yourself, together with the service provided by LivingPackets, a The Box is €699! LivingPackets also provides a "Buy & Rent" option, you can buy a The Box for €399, and then LivingPackets will provide it to its partner units for use, and you can also get the corresponding rent for each delivery.

At this stage, the LivingPackets smart logistics box is only used and transported in France for the time being. However, after obtaining UPS certification, it has the opportunity to become a high-priced and safe option for UPS logistics services in the future. force.

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