E-Ink新品:Livecraft Mana──為家居添上靈感的智能E-Ink裝置

New E-Ink product: Livecraft Mana──Smart E-Ink device for home inspiration

On Kickstarter, Mana, a smart new device with E-Ink screen, wooden frame and wireless operation, just appeared, adding taste and inspiration to your home. Mana is available in two sizes: the 16x7cm Mana Clause and the larger 19x13cm Mana Expression, the above dimensions are calculated together with the frame. Both models include a desk stand and a magnetic base. Only Mana Expression provides wall hooks.

Mana is equipped with a low-power E-Ink display with three colors of red, black and white. According to the color effect and 15-second screen refresh performance estimated by its official video, it should use the earlier generation of E-Ink Spectra 3000 technology . Unlike traditional LCD screens, e-paper reflects ambient light instead of being displayed by backlight, bringing a display effect close to that of real paper.

Through a companion app (iOS and Android) on a smartphone, users can configure the Mana by connecting it to their home Wi-Fi. Choose from a variety of topics they've curated, including quotes, philosophy, inspirational quotes, poetry, art, humor, knowledge, culture, and more. Mana is automatically updated four times a day (morning, noon, evening, night) with content of your choice. Of course, users can also set content and photos by themselves. There is a virtual button at the bottom of the wooden shelf for users to switch the displayed content. The Mana can last up to six months on a single charge, which is then recharged via its USB-C port.

Users can place the Mana on the table through the included stand, or attach the magnetic base to the wall, and then magnetically attach the Mana, or directly magnetically attach the Mana to a metal surface.

Another feature of Mana is that it is made entirely of wood and reclaimed wood, including the box (made of mahogany and red cedar), rather than plastic. Its wood comes from sustainably grown farms, and farmers are encouraged to plant trees. The production of the entire product is carried out in Bangalore, India.

The launch of this product came from the inspiration of the founder Puneet Suvarna when he was studying for a Ph.D. in New York. He hoped that there would be a device that would help people not to be disturbed by the outside world, and bring inspiration into the living space to stimulate people's creativity.

The starting price of the Mana series on Kickstarter is $79, and there is also a special package, which can enjoy a discount of up to 45%, and the shipping time is scheduled for October this year. Interested readers can refer to its Kickstarter website .

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