E-Ink產品:Light Phone II──化繁為簡,回歸基本步的E-Ink手機

E-Ink product: Light Phone II──E-Ink mobile phone that simplifies complexity and returns to the basics

Light Phone II, a 4G mobile phone launched in 2019, is a manifestation of the pursuit of simple life, as expressed in their slogan " designed to be used as little as possible", simplifying complexity and returning to basic steps.

Light Phone II uses a 2.8-inch E-Ink screen, which has the advantages of low power consumption, high visibility and wide viewing angle. Read clearly even in direct sunlight. This also makes it feel very different when using it compared with a smartphone.

In addition to screen technology, the overall design of Light Phone II is also very simple. With its own light OS, it has no functions such as social media, news, email or Internet browser, nor does it have a camera. It only provides the most basic call and SMS functions. In addition, it has some useful tools, such as alarm clock, timer, navigation and calendar, etc. It's worth mentioning that it has a 3.5mm hole for connecting headphones to listen to music and podcasts.

Light Phone II is equipped with a 950 mAh battery and weighs 78 grams. It is as small as a credit card and is very light. It is a pity that it uses Micro-USB charging instead of the current mainstream USB-C.

If you are interested in this simple feature phone, you can go to its official website to buy it. There are two colors of black and light gray, and the price is 299 US dollars. If you are a US user, you need to use the mobile phone monthly fee plan provided by your company. If you are a user outside the US, you can purchase the unlocked international version, and then choose the service of the local telecommunications provider.

Light Phone II official website

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