E-Ink新品:Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist──可旋轉的OLED/彩色E-Ink雙屏幕筆記本

New E-Ink product: Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist──Rotatable OLED/color E-Ink dual-screen notebook

Lenovo (Lenovo) announced an innovative new device in the ThinkBook Plus series at CES® 2023 on January 5, by integrating an innovative rotatable dual display with an OLED panel on one side and a color e-ink screen on the other, It provides users with multi-mode and multi-purpose functions.

This ThinkBook Plus Twist features the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors, its new narrow-bezel 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED display with touch glass and a swivel hinge, and a color 12-inch E-ink display with front light on the other side , with a 12Hz refresh rate and touch glass. Lenovo's own stylus is supported on both the OLED and e-ink displays, and the battery life is up to 18 hours.

ThinkBook Plus Twist has multiple modes, thanks to its unique rotating hinge design, its OLED display or color E-Ink display can be used in traditional notebook mode or tablet mode.

Users who only need to handle simple clerical tasks, such as drafting, editing and proofreading documents easily through the keyboard or pen, can choose to use the e-ink display. The e-ink display reduces eye strain from prolonged use, and lower power consumption means longer usage time. For more complex document or image workflows, users can switch to OLED tablet mode to interact with the pen on the vibrant 400 nit 2.8k OLED display.

In addition, for business users, he can browse calendar items and e-mails on the electronic ink display at any time. Then just rotate to switch to OLED laptop display mode, and press a button to participate in high-definition video conferences through the FHD camera, and the built-in dual microphones provide intelligent noise reduction to reduce environmental noise. In OLED Laptop Mode, users can work efficiently with 13th Gen Intel Core processors and Windows 11. When work is done, switch to OLED tablet mode to enjoy your favorite streaming service, or switch to e-ink tablet mode for casual e-book reading.

This notebook, which allows users to change the way they use it according to their needs, Lenovo said it will be officially released in June, and the price will start at $1,649.

For detailed product specifications, please refer to the official website .

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