E-Ink products: the ideal partner for new indoor environment monitoring─Aranet4

Aranet4 is an air quality monitor designed for indoor environments, capable of real-time monitoring of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. In today's life, air quality has a profound impact on people's health and productivity, and Aranet4 was born to meet this demand.

In indoor environments, monitoring of CO2 levels is particularly important. Research shows that when the indoor CO2 concentration exceeds 1,000 ppm, human cognitive function will be reduced by 15%; and when the concentration reaches or exceeds 1,400 ppm, the decline in cognitive function is an astonishing 50%. Aranet4 can accurately measure these key indicators, helping users understand air quality in real time and adjust ventilation as needed (or even leave the site temporarily).

In addition to high-precision CO2 monitoring, Aranet4 also has temperature and humidity monitoring functions. It detects the optimal indoor temperature range of 18 to 24 degrees Celsius, and the ideal relative humidity level of 30 to 50 percent, with all data displayed on the E-Ink screen in the center of the device. This data is critical to creating a healthy and comfortable living or working environment.

Aranet4 is designed to be lightweight and portable, and is equipped with a non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) to ensure high-precision measurement results. In addition, Aranet4 is easy to use and features an intuitive color-coded warning system to promptly alert users when air quality deteriorates. Paired with the dedicated Aranet Home app, users can connect the device via Bluetooth to view, track and analyze data over the past 90 days.

Aranet4 only requires two AA batteries and can be used for 2 years, eliminating the inconvenience of regular charging. This practical product from Latvia is priced at 169 euros/139 pounds, and readers can order it on its official website and Amazon .

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