E-Ink新品:科勒Kohler與元太科技合作推出,貼合E Ink Prism電子紙的智慧馬桶NUMI 2.0

New E-Ink product: Kohler and E Ink jointly launched a smart toilet NUMI 2.0 that fits E Ink Prism electronic paper

The E Ink Prism color-changing electronic paper of E Ink has emerged in various fields in recent years. The latest application is to cooperate with the kitchen and bathroom brand Kohler to create a color-changing smart toilet NUMI 2.0. This toilet is made of the E Ink Prism electronic paper material provided by E Ink that can change color dynamically and can be bent, cut and shaped. Unique shape, creating a unique space atmosphere at home.

E Ink Prism e-paper film is a design material that transforms the surfaces touched in everyday life, enabling dynamic changes in color. In addition, due to its extremely low power consumption, light weight and durability, water resistance, and scratch resistance, it is suitable for attaching to different facades and integrating with various substrates. The NUMI smart toilet is Kohler's top product. Through this cooperation, E Ink applied electronic paper to bathroom facilities for the first time. Modern bathroom facilities are no longer only practical, but also allow users to enjoy an immersive sound and light experience, creating different situations such as forests, morning light, and beaches. Through the color-changing surface, the toilet can also show different images.

The design of this smart toilet turns people's imagination of the toilet on its head, showing the true qualities of electronic paper that can be used on various surfaces. Johnson Lee, chairman of E Ink, said that making every surface more intelligent and energy-saving is the direction that E Ink has been working hard. This project is also the first time that E Ink has applied electronic paper to bathroom equipment products, which means that Display Technology will enter the home networking and smart life market as a milestone.

In addition to the NUMI 2.0 smart toilet, E Ink Prism electronic paper has more diverse application opportunities. Previously cooperated with BMW to use E Ink Prism 3 electronic paper for a new concept electric car. In the future, this color-changing, bendable, cut-and-shape E Ink Prism color-changing electronic paper can also be applied to architectural appearance, decorative compartments, car shells and other products.

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