New E-Ink product: iReader has released two series of Smart and Neo, a total of four new models

iReader held a spring new product launch conference yesterday (April 21), and released two series, Smart and Neo, with a total of four new models. The 10.3-inch Smart 4 and Smart 4 Pro are respectively advertised as smart office, and the 6-inch Neo and Neo Pro are mainly for reading and thin.

The 6-inch Neo series has a black body with a thickness of only 6mm and a weight of 149 grams, allowing users to easily put it in their pockets; the screen adopts a full lamination process and has an anti-glare nano-etched tempered glass screen, which makes the display effect even better. Excellent; equipped with 28-level cold and warm two-color headlights, speakers and Bluetooth 5.0, users can read and listen to audiobooks in different scenes; in terms of configuration, the official said that this generation uses a new customized 2.0Ghz processor, 32GB ROM, and no memory. There is an announcement.

The difference between Neo and Neo Pro is mainly on the screen. The former uses an E-Ink Carta 1200 screen with an entry-level pixel density of 212PPI (1024x758), while the latter is 300PPI. In addition, the reading time of Neo is 80 hours, while that of Neo Pro is 80 hours. is 100 hours.

Reader has designed an exclusive protective case with a page-turning key for the Neo series, and users can purchase additional ones as needed.

The 10.3-inch Smart 4 series has a silver body (approximately dark gray in the picture), with a thickness of about 6.2mm and a weight of about 375 grams. With a large 4000mAh battery, it is lighter than most other products of the same size. Although the screen continues to have a pixel density of 227PPI, it adopts a new process, the thickness of the front panel is reduced by 30%, and it also has anti-glare nano-etching treatment, which makes the display more transparent. In addition, the paper-like film is upgraded to make the writing experience better. Like the Neo series, it is equipped with 28-level cold and warm two-color headlights, speakers and Bluetooth 5.0, but a gravity sensor is added.

The difference between Smart 4 and Smart 4 Pro is mainly in the processor. The official said that the former uses an exclusive ink screen CPU; the latter is a custom 4-core 2.0Ghz CPU with low power consumption. The pens equipped with the latter are also different; the X-Pen 3 Se attached to the Smart 4 does not have an eraser, while the X-Pen 3 attached to the latter has an eraser function.

This time, the Smart 4 series has a smart bracket magnetic protection cover, which users can purchase as needed.

In addition to the above four new products, the iReader conference also highlighted its new system Smart OS, built-in new schedule management functions and multi-terminal data transmission methods, and an intelligent typesetting engine for PDF document rearrangement, etc. The Smart 4 series will be equipped with this new OS as soon as it is turned on, so that users can have the best experience.

Every time, I also warmly remind everyone that iReader's e-reader adopts a closed system, which is deeply integrated with its own bookstore, and third-party apps cannot be installed.

In terms of pricing, Neo is 999RMB, Neo Pro is 1099RMB, page flip key cover is 199RMB; Smart 4 is 2099RMB, Smart 4 Pro is 2499RMB, and smart stand magnetic cover is 229RMB. iReader offers pre-sale discounts from April 21st to 27th. Users pay a deposit first, and different models can get different discounts. Readers can go to different malls of iReader (Jingdong, Tmall, WeChat and Douyin) to learn more .

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