E-Ink新品:掌閱iReader推出四款新機──從6吋Light3到10.65吋Smart X3

New E-Ink products: iReader launches four new models─from 6-inch Light3 to 10.65-inch Smart X3

Yesterday (October 12th), in addition to Boox launching new products, iReader also chose the same time to hold a new product launch conference (on the right platform !), officially launching four new models - the 6-inch Light3/ Light3 Turbo, 7-inch Ocean3 Turbo and 10.65-inch Smart X3.

Regarding the Light3 series, since iReader had released its features and hardware specifications in late September, we had already reported it in detail at that time, so we won’t go into details here.

The 7-inch Ocean 3 is a model launched by iReader in March this year. This time iReader has launched an upgraded version of Turbo, which mainly adds an independent display chip. This is a new product that iReader will vigorously promote in the second half of the year. It can bring Come to "AI Dynamic Refresh", there is a 3D page turning effect when reading, which is smoother and smoother, giving users a better experience. In addition, the original 1GB RAM and 32GB ROM have been significantly increased to 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, making the device smoother to use and faster to switch layouts. The rest of the specifications are the same, including the same E-Ink Carta1200, 300PPI screen.

The one that deserves the most attention this time should be the 10.65-inch Smart X3. Compared with the previous generation X2, in addition to two new physical page turning keys, it also adds an independent display chip and NPU (Neural Processing Unit, a neural processing unit) designed for deep learning and artificial intelligence computing. processor, devices equipped with it can perform AI and machine learning tasks more efficiently, such as image recognition, speech recognition, etc.); another selling point is the upgrade of the screen. After 10 months since the launch of Kindle Scribe, iFlytek's X3 is the second black and white E-Ink product over 10 inches to be launched with a screen of 300PPI instead of 227PPI. This X3 is the third. smart speed and better contrast. In addition, the screen is a flexible screen and uses a bionic nano-etching process, which is claimed to bring better display effects. The Smart X3 is 0.2mm thinner and 5.6mm thicker than the previous generation. It is also about 30 grams lighter, weighing only 365 grams. For products of similar size, it is indeed very light and thin. So compared to X2, X3 can be described as a comprehensive upgrade.

In terms of pricing, Light3 is 689RMB, Light3 Turbo is 799RMB; the 7-inch Ocean3 Turbo is 1599RMB, and the 10.65-inch Smart X3 is 3399RMB.

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