E-Ink新品:掌閱iReader推出新款閱讀器Ocean 3 Plus──Ocean 3的8吋版本

New E-Ink product: iReader launched a new reader Ocean 3 Plus──the 8-inch version of Ocean 3

Chinese reader brand Palmyue upgraded its three product lines in the first half of the year, including Ocean 3 ( Portal ), Smart 4/4 Pro and Neo/Neo Pro ( Portal ) , and released it again yesterday (August 2). With the addition of Ocean 3 Plus, supporters of Palm Read have another choice of reading books in one size.

Since it is named Plus, it means that it is an enhanced version of Ocean 3. Let me introduce the differences between the two. Ocean 3 Plus and Ocean 3 are different in size, but the exterior design is close to the same; the same uses E-Ink Carta 1200 screen and 300PPI, but the Plus screen is enlarged from 7 inches to 8 inches, and the resolution is also increased to 1920x1440. The larger the screen, the weight has therefore increased from 175 grams to about 210 grams. In terms of hardware specifications and systems, the two are basically the same, such as supporting 256 levels of gray scale, 28 levels of warm and cold dual-color headlights, physical double buttons, 1800 mAh battery capacity, etc., and also adopt a new customized 2GHz dual-color core low-power processor. However, in addition to the 32GB version, Ocean 3 also has a 64GB version, while the Plus only has a 32GB version.

Ocean 3 Plus is priced at 1799RMB, and the new launch price (as of 19:30 on August 6, Beijing time) is 1599RMB.

Ocean 3 Plus Jingdong purchase page

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