E-Ink新品:掌閱iReader發布三款新產品,包括配備300PPI柔性屏,10.65吋旗艦Smart X3 Pro

New E-Ink products: iReader releases three new products, including the 10.65-inch flagship Smart X3 Pro equipped with a 300PPI flexible screen

In addition to the two new products released by Aragonite Boox on April 23, Palm Reader also held a new product launch conference on the same day, launching three readers with different positionings in one go, namely the 6-inch Neo 2 Pro and the 10.3 inch Smart 5 and Smart X3 Pro.

In fact, PalmReader launched Neo 2 at the end of February, but unexpectedly, it launched Neo 2 Pro less than two months later! While the basic hardware specifications of the two are the same, including the Carta 1300 panel, processor and independent graphics chip, the change of the Pro version lies in the change of the mold. The front of the fuselage becomes a fully laminated flat screen, and the thickness is also changed from 7.6 mm has been significantly reduced to 6mm, but it should be noted that the battery has also shrunk slightly, from 1700 mAh to 1500 mAh. The price of Neo 2 Pro is also 100RMB more expensive than Neo 2, and it is currently sold for 1099RMB.

As for Palm's flagship Smart series, Smart 5 is positioned as a cost-effective product, while Smart X3 Pro is positioned as a flagship product. The two new models use the same 8-core processor and independent display chip, as well as 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. The biggest difference is in their screens. The former uses the current mainstream 10.3-inch 227PPI panel (Zhangyue did not specify which one it is. It is estimated that it may be Carta 1000); the latter is its second 10.65-inch flexible screen using the latest E-Ink Carta 1300, 300PPI (resolution 2560x1920). This time, the Palm Reader particularly emphasized the thinning of the light guide plate. , improving clarity by 23%. In addition, Smart X3 Pro is equipped with two more physical page turning keys than Smart 5.

Although the Smart X3 Pro has a larger screen than the Smart 5, it is 1mm thinner, only 5.6mm thick, and slightly lighter by 7 grams, weighing only 365 grams. The electromagnetic pen equipped is the X-Pen 5 with an eraser, while the latter is the X-Pen 5 Se without an eraser. In particular, the Smart X3 Pro is only available in Polar Black, while the Smart 5 is available in Ibis White and Obsidian Black. The above hardware differences are reflected in the price. Smart 5 is priced at 2,499 RMB, while Smart X3 Pro is a bit more expensive at 3,599 RMB.

This time, Palm Reading places great emphasis on its series of AI functions, including AI large models, AI notes, AI display optimization and AI reading, etc., such as quickly organizing and summarizing text messages, intelligent underlining and transcribing during reading, etc. It is expected to bring more benefits to users. Come for a better experience. Interested readers can go to its self-operated flagship store to order.

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