E-Ink新品:閱讀器市場上首部7吋Kaleido3彩機──掌閱Color 7

E-Ink new product: the first 7-inch Kaleido3 color machine on the reader market──iReader Color 7

Unexpectedly, 10 days before the end of 2023, we can still see the new E-Ink reader for the first time! iReader today released its new product Color 7, which is the first 7-inch color reader on the market to use an E-Ink Kaleido3 panel. It is also equipped with two physical buttons on the left side of the fuselage.

Color 7 uses Yuantai Technology's latest 7-inch Kaleido 3 panel with a resolution of 1680x1264, providing a display effect of 300PPI in black and white and 150PPI in color. In addition, an upgraded version of the tempered glass front panel is used, with full lamination and nano-etching processes, which improves clarity by 25% and eliminates 95% of interfering light in the environment, effectively preventing glare. The color display of this device is jointly developed and calibrated by Palm Reader and Yuantai Technology, and coupled with the manufacturer's self-developed i-Colorful color engine, it claims to be able to more realistically present original colors to readers. In addition, Palm Reading emphasized that Color 7 is equipped with a dedicated graphics chip, which can provide smoother sliding and refreshing, and better afterimage control.

In terms of hardware configuration, Color 7 uses a 4-core ink screen processor, equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM; equipped with E-Ink ComfortLight Pro low blue light reading headlight developed by Yuantai Technology; it comes with speakers and radio microphones, users can play Audio books and the use of built-in recording programs; the 1800 mAh battery is claimed to last 36 hours of use, with a maximum standby time of 17 days; the body design is modeled after the Kindle Oasis, with the thinnest point being only 4mm thick, and the weight of 182 grams is considered lightweight. The built-in Zhangyue own OS is a closed system.

In addition, iReader has designed an ultra-thin magnetic protective cover for this new product, which can be folded into a stand to facilitate users to use it upright or horizontally. It also has a smart wake-up function. In terms of pricing, iReader Color 7 is priced at 1,799 RMB, and is currently undergoing pre-sale discounts, with the initial purchase price being 1,659 RMB.

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