E-Ink新品:Invisible Calendar──在電子紙上顯示你的Google日曆

New E-Ink product: Invisible Calendar──Display your Google Calendar on electronic paper

Invisible Computers, an emerging German tech start-up company, has launched its first product, the Invisible Calendar , an e-ink display that can be hung on a wall or placed on a table with a stand, and can simultaneously display information from Google Calendar.

The design of E-Paper Smart Display is simple and practical. It is equipped with a 7.5-inch E-Ink display (about 8x5.5 inches including the frame) with a resolution of 800x480. Not only does it allow users to view a week's itinerary and provide the information you need without turning on the computer or swiping the phone. Plus, its hand-finished wood frame makes a beautiful addition whether hung on the wall or placed on a table.

Users can use the exclusive mobile APP to set up E-Paper Smart Display, connect to Google account and choose the calendar to display, choose a layout and adjust it according to their needs. It is updated whenever there is a change in the itinerary. You can also simply use it to display your favorite images.

The price of the E-Paper Smart Display is US$149. The official said that due to the high demand for the new product, after the customer pays for the order, it will be shipped within two weeks.

Invisible Calendar product purchase page

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