E-Ink產品:創新的Instant Framed Camera──在遠端的E-Ink相架再現Polaroid相片

E-Ink Products: Innovative Instant Framed Camera──Reproduce Polaroid photos on the remote E-Ink photo frame

Recently, an engineer named Max van Leeuwen successfully created an innovative Polaroid camera, which allows users to take photos in real time around the world and display the photos in real time through a remote frame. The camera, based on his grandfather's broken Polaroid Land camera, has been modified to take pictures again.

The innovation of this camera is that it integrates a Raspberry Pi and a camera module, allowing the Polaroid Land camera to take pictures again. However, in order to retain the characteristics of the Polaroid camera, this camera does not directly display digital photos on the camera, but connects to a remote frame through Wi-Fi to display the latest photos in real time.

When a photo is taken with the Raspberry Pi camera module, the photo is sent over the internet to the frame, which also has its own Raspberry Pi and e-ink display mounted on it. During the whole process, the digital photos will not be permanently saved, thus retaining the characteristics of instant photos. Once the photo is transferred to the attached frame, it is deleted from the camera. When another photo is taken and transferred to the frame, the previous photo is replaced and deleted.

The innovation of this camera is that it retains the characteristics of instant photos, and at the same time allows users to enjoy photos at a distance, which makes people feel very novel and interesting. The camera is also very easy to use, just point the camera at the QR code to take a picture, then it will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network and start taking pictures.

In addition, the frame of this camera uses a 5.65-inch E-Ink ACeP 7-color electronic paper display screen, which can not only simulate the texture of paper, but also display high-definition photos. Moreover, the frame of this camera is also very convenient to carry, you can enjoy the latest photos anytime, anywhere.

The camera's creator, Max van Leeuwen, said he kept the camera at his grandmother's house so she could enjoy his latest adventures anytime, anywhere. Whenever he takes a new photo, it shows up on the frame within a minute or two.

In short, the innovation of this remote Polaroid camera is that it combines instant photos with remote display, allowing users to enjoy the latest photos anytime, anywhere. This camera not only retains the characteristics of Polaroid camera, but also adds elements of modern technology, which makes people feel very novel and interesting.

"Instant Framed Camera" Project Github Page
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