New E-Ink product: iFLYTEK launched a new smart office tablet X3, focusing on AI technology to improve work efficiency

iFLYTEK, a Chinese company with a leading position in the field of intelligent voice technology, held a new product launch conference in Shanghai on August 9, launching the latest intelligent office tablet X3, with a special focus on the integration and application of AI on devices.

Before talking about its AI features, we must first talk about the X3's screen. This new product of HKUST Xunfei is equipped with a 10.65-inch black and white E-Ink screen. The point is that after the Kindle Scribe launched in November last year, finally some manufacturers have launched a black and white E-Ink screen with a screen size of 10 inches or more that is 300PPI instead of 227PPI. The product has broken the monopoly of Kindle! The screen resolution of the X3 is 1920x2560.

In terms of specifications, the X3 is equipped with an octa-core processor (the specific model is unknown), 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM (X3 Pro is 128GB ROM); there is a 5-megapixel rear camera for users to scan files; it has dual speakers and 8 radio microphones, four on the top and four on the bottom, boasting that they can record in 360 degrees and accurately identify different speakers, so that the content of the meeting can be transcribed in real time and different speakers can be distinguished. It also supports dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0. The X3 has the function of writing notes, and is equipped with a magnetic pen with Wacom EMR technology, and the end of the pen has a glue wiping function. In addition, the X3 has a 4200 mAh battery and supports 20W fast charging. It weighs about 415 grams and is 5.4mm thick. The Android 13 system is the latest among similar E-Ink products.

HKUST Xunfei Smart Office tablet X3 is not positioned as a reader, but as an assistant in business office. This time, the official emphasized that the X3 is equipped with AI functions based on Xunfei Xinghuo cognitive model, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of users. From the most basic chatting with AI assistants to generate different answers; to direct word search in reading and note writing to generate explanations; and then after recordings in meetings are converted into text, it helps users summarize key points, integrate minutes, and simplify spoken language into Written meeting minutes, etc., all have AI technology to improve user productivity.

This year, when many manufacturers focus on color E-Ink products, iFlytek has found a new way to go its own way. The starting price of X3 with original leather case is 4999RMB, which is more expensive than other brands' color E-Ink products of similar size,  and will be officially released on August 9.


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