E-Ink新品:HyRead正式推出6吋彩機Gaze Mini C眾籌專案,連同一系列周邊新配備,色彩紛陳

E-Ink new product: HyRead officially launches a crowdfunding project for the 6-inch color machine Gaze Mini C, along with a series of new peripheral equipment in various colors

HyRead Gaze Mini C should be the first new reader on the market in 2024. HyRead officially launched this project on Taiwanese crowdfunding platform ChuBei today (January 3) for users to sponsor and order this compact 6-inch color reader.

In early December, we also reported news about the new model of HyRead . The specifications of the Gaze Mini C are the same as the Gaze Mini, but the screen will be converted to a color Kaleido Plus panel (the current 6-inch color E-Ink The panel does not have Kaleido 3 models), providing grayscale 300PPI (resolution 1448x1072) and color 100PPI (resolution 482x357) display pixels.

In this crowdfunding project, the most novel thing is the series of peripheral accessories launched with this color machine, including two 6-inch animal storage bags co-branded with Wowo, one for pangolin and one for whale shark; in addition, There is also the HyRead Little Night Cat 2024 Hangable Cloth Calendar (40x70cm).

Newly launched Wowo co-branded animal 6-inch storage bag.

The unique HyRead Little Night Cat 2024 cloth wall calendar.

As for the card-type holder (available in Night Blue/Cocoa Ole) and Little Night Cat Cup Lid (turquoise/goose yellow) that HyRead has launched earlier, this time users can also purchase them at a discounted price through the sponsorship project.

Another big selling point of Gaze Mini C is its combination of animal perpetual calendar functions. It cooperates with " WowoWuo ", an independent media that focuses on animal issues, to provide an animal calendar themed on Taiwan's 365 native species. This perpetual calendar displays colorful illustrations and mood quotes of different animals every day, and covers the characteristics of the animals and knowledge of their habitats. Users can choose different layouts, such as calendar or monthly calendar, and can synchronize Google Calendar to-do items, combining the advantages of environmental protection, money saving and space saving.

HyRead's project this time provides many combinations, including a single unit (NT$8,050), a single set (NT$8,740: one unit + one storage bag), and a double set (NT$9,430: one unit + two storage bags) And machine + complete set (NT$9,089: one machine + one storage bag + one cloth calendar + one card-type stand); and two group purchase sets (NT$39,750: five machines/NT$43,200: five machines + Five storage bags). Users can choose and buy according to their needs, and HyRead said it will be shipped in March.

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