E-Ink新品:HyRead Gaze Note Plus CC──市場上首部7.8吋Kaleido 3開放式閱讀器

New E-Ink product: HyRead Gaze Note Plus CC──The first 7.8-inch Kaleido 3 open-frame reader on the market

Today, HyRead announced the specification details of HyRead Gaze Note Plus CC, which is the first 7.8-inch open reader with Kaleido 3 panel on the market, and it will open for pre-order on June 15th.

HyRead Gaze Note Plus CC is an upgraded model of HyRead Gaze Note Plus C. The basic hardware configuration is also the same. It is also a quad-core 1.8Ghz processor, as well as 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. It supports up to 1TB Micro SD card, built-in speakers and The microphone continues to be Bluetooth 4.2, and it is also an open system of the Android 11 version.

The difference between the two is that although the molds of the two generations are the same, the back cover of this generation will change from blue to dark green; Gaze Note Plus CC has upgraded the Kaleido 3 panel, and the color display has been upgraded from 100PPI (468x624) to 150PPI (702x936 ); the front light has been upgraded from only cold light to warm and cold two-tone temperature, which is estimated to be equipped with the E-Ink ComfortGaze headlight system of Yuantai Technology; but the cost of the above upgrade is that the weight of the new model has also increased from 285 grams to 298 grams .

The HyRead Gaze Note Plus CC is priced at NT$13390, and the pre-order price for a stand-alone machine is NT$11388, plus an additional 800 book purchase credit (discount coupon). It is expected to be shipped by the end of July. If you are an old user who has purchased a machine from the HyRead official website, you will automatically have a special reward of NT$500 after logging in. If you have purchased a machine from other channels, you can register on the HyRead official website before June 10. Receive discount coupons.

HyRead Gaze Note Plus CC official website introduction

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