E-Ink新品:HyRead 推出具實體翻頁鍵的 6吋 Gaze Mini 閱讀器,將於6月開始預購

New E-Ink product: HyRead launches 6-inch Gaze Mini reader with physical page-turning keys, pre-orders will start in June

HyRead Gaze Mini 6-inch electronic paper reader is the latest product of Taiwan HyRead. Its biggest selling point is that it is the only 6-inch reader on the market that has physical buttons on the left and right sides, and it is all white. Built-in its own library system, registered users can borrow tens of thousands of e-books without queuing.

HyRead Gaze Mini 6-inch e-paper reader uses E Ink Carta™ e-paper screen with a resolution of 1072*1448 (300 ppi) and a weight of 195g. It uses an open Android 11 system, equipped with a 1.8 Ghz quad-core processor and 3GB RAM , and users can install and run third-party apps by themselves. Built-in 32GB capacity, supports Micro SD card expansion, up to 1TB. In addition, the built-in G-sensor gyroscope can automatically detect the orientation of the reader and realize the screen switching between vertical and horizontal display. The built-in speaker and Bluetooth function also allow users to directly play or connect Bluetooth headsets to listen to audiobooks as needed.

In particular, in addition to the physical buttons on the left and right sides, it is also equipped with return and long-press refresh buttons. There are six physical buttons on the front of the body, and it also supports touch screen page turning to meet the operating habits of different users and enhance the user experience. reading experience.

HyRead Gaze Mini also has other rich functions. For example, it can be set to automatically remind the reading time, and can import personal files for reading. It also has functions such as switching between horizontal and vertical, line annotation, bookmarks, font enlargement/reduction, and contrast adjustment.

Finally, according to the official promotional image, this product may also be equipped with a protective case that can be folded and used as a stand.

This new product, which focuses on the user's reading experience, will be available for pre-order in June, priced at TWD 6,680, and the early bird pre-order price is TWD 5,699. The official website also specifically indicates that old customers can also enjoy special feedback, and relevant details will be announced later.

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