E-Ink新品:HaxMini eReader──酷似文石BOOX Leaf2的閱讀器

New E-Ink product: HaxMini eReader──A reader similar to Aragonite BOOX Leaf2

Recently, I saw a yet-to-be-released e-reader in a Facebook advertisement, which looks exactly like Aragonite BOOX Leaf2 and also uses an electronic ink screen, called HaxMini eReader.

This product is expected to appear on the crowdfunding platform later, and detailed specifications, including processor model and screen resolution, have not yet been released. However, according to its official website, this e-reader adopts an open system, can download different applications from Google Play, has 16GB storage space, can insert a TF card, supports up to 128GB, and has no writing function. Keys and touch screen to operate, support mainstream file formats, including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, etc. In addition, it is equipped with a Type-C port for charging, and the body is available in blue and black.

It is mainly thin and portable, with a body thickness of only 6.8mm and a weight of 155 grams. The website doesn't specify the screen size, but based on its product renderings, it's estimated to be a 6-inch black-and-white ink screen.

Before the official start of crowdfunding, its official website is promoting the super early bird price at US$1, and then the product can be sponsored by crowdfunding at US$69.

By the way, HaxMini itself is not a company that focuses on the development of e-readers. They have launched two mini PCs on the crowdfunding platform. The HaxMini eReader is their first foray into the e-reader industry. Whether it can be launched smoothly in the end and whether it can bring freshness to the e-reader world remains to be seen.

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