New E-Ink products: Hanvon Technology launches N10 series 2024 upgraded version of e-readers, adding self-developed smart strips and AI functions

Last time I talked about the fierce battle between Onyx Boox and iReader in the Chinese e-reader market . In fact, there is another company, Hanvon Technology, which has been developing steadily in recent years and has established a good reputation. They have recently upgraded their signature product line N10 series, and officially released N10 2024 and N10 Mini 2024 last week (April 11).

The 10.3-inch N10 2024 continues to use the screen of the previous generation minus the capacitive touch layer and light guide plate and a design equipped with 9 physical keys , resulting in a body thickness of only 5.5mm and a weight of 390 grams, as well as excellent display effects. Make reading more comfortable. This 2024 version also brings a series of upgrades to users. First of all, this model adds a speaker and 4 microphones as well as a voice-to-text function. It also supports accurate multi-role recognition and automatic organization of meeting records, which can improve user efficiency during meetings. . In terms of software, N10 2024 introduces the function of directly editing Office files (including word, excel and PPT), and adds a self-developed smart bar in the thick frame space between the physical keys on the left and the screen, which can be customized for ten A shortcut key makes it easier for users to operate the device. Of course, it also has the built-in "Hanvon World Large Model" developed by itself, which is like having an additional AI assistant. In addition, its self-developed digital electromagnetic pen has also been upgraded from supporting 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity to 8192 levels, bringing a better writing experience.

Except for the lack of the self-developed smart strip, the 7.8-inch N10 Mini 2024 has roughly the same upgrades as the N10 2024. It is equipped with a 3500 mAh battery and a lighter design, weighing only 240 grams. Another point worth mentioning is that Hanvon is equipped with a non-detachable pen cover on the right side of the fuselage for users to store electromagnetic pens.

Hanvon is now selling these two new products in its self-operated flagship store . The N10 2024 is priced at 2,399 RMB, and the N10 Mini 2024 is priced at 1,879 RMB.

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