E-Ink new products: Three upgraded models brought by Hanvon──N10 series equipped with Chinese version of ChatGPT

I have to say that October 12th is a really busy day for China’s E-Ink reader market. In addition to Aragonite and Palm Reader releasing new products on this day, there is also the old brand Hanvon. However, Hanvon mainly released its self-developed "Hanvon World AI Model" that day, and also launched three reader products equipped with this AI model - the 10.3-inch N10 Ultimate Edition and N10 Touch 2024 Edition, and the 13.3-inch N10 Max 2024 edition.

Let me first introduce the " Hanvon World AI Model ". It can be regarded as the Chinese version of ChatGPT developed by Hanvon. It uses Chinese resources as a training model and focuses on five aspects: ancient Chinese, law, education, medical care, and office work. For example, Hanvon boasts that the "Ancient Chinese Model" can imitate ancient words, translate ancient texts, and accurately answer historical knowledge; the "Education Model" can help student users correct answers to questions and essays, and provide oral practice, etc.

The three products launched by Hanvon are all upgraded models. Now I will introduce to you the upgrades from the previous generation. Most of the hardware configurations of the N10 Max 2024 version are the same as the previous generation, such as the 13.3-inch flexible screen that also uses E-Ink Carta1250, the resolution is also 207PPI, and it continues to be the flagship configuration of 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Unfortunately, it also has the same Rockchip RK3566 is still used, but its performance is weak. The main upgrade is to increase the battery by 50%, from 4000 mAh to 6000 mAh, but the price is that the weight also increases from 480 grams to 547 grams; in addition, it adopts a new generation of self-developed electromagnetic pen, which supports 8192 levels of pressure. feel.

The N10, released in May last year, removed the touch layer (so it can only be operated with an electromagnetic pen and physical buttons) and the front light, making it light and thin (5.5mm thick and 374 grams) that is rare among 10.3-inch devices. This time the flagship version retains this characteristic screen, but mainly upgrades its configuration to 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. In addition, this version will also include two accessories: a Type-C collar-type wireless microphone that allows users to record; a text excerpt scanner that can be used with the N10 Ultimate Edition to bring more functions . Like the Max 2024 version, it is equipped with a new generation self-developed electromagnetic pen that supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Since there is less information released for the N10 Touch 2024 version, we will introduce it to you later when we have the opportunity.

In terms of pricing, the N10 Max 2024 version is 5580RMB; the N10 flagship version is 4898RMB.


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