E-Ink new products: Hanvon continues to expand China’s AI intelligent learning market and launches C10 e-paper study book

On February 26, in addition to the Clear6 reader , Hanvon Technology also released an E-Ink device for Chinese primary and secondary school students, the Hanvon C10 e-paper study book. This is their second AI study book after the S10 in April last year.

The selling points of Hanvon C10 are very similar to those of S10. It also has built-in resources from China’s top 100 famous schools, including textbooks and examination papers for different subjects. It is said to have “tens of millions of preferred resources” for users to use for free. In terms of AI applications, C10 will have built-in Hanvon’s own Study the "Big Model of Heaven and Earth" to provide students with personalized and weak point exercises, as well as analysis and explanation of wrong questions. In terms of reading and writing, AI will also play a role, such as generating introductions to works and corresponding reading comprehension exercises, as well as correcting students' compositions and making suggestions for improvement, etc. By the way, in order to give parents peace of mind and allow students to focus on their studies, Hanvon C10 adopts a closed system and third-party APPs cannot be downloaded, but the learning resources will be kept updated for free.

In terms of hardware, the C10 continues to use Hanvon’s exclusive screen reduction layer design, removing the light guide plate above the ink screen to make the display clearer (therefore no headlight). In addition, its processor is Rockchip RK3566, equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, dual radio microphones and single speakers. In particular, the biggest difference between the C10 e-paper study book and the S10 this time is that its screen does not support touch. Students can only operate it through an electromagnetic pen or the 9 physical keys on the left side of the fuselage; the size is also 10.3 inches. Converted to 9.7 inches, the resolution is only the entry-level 1200x825 (150PPI), but the thickness of 5.9mm and the weight of 354 grams are very light and thin.

The Hanvon C10 electronic paper learning notebook is priced at 1,999 RMB . The downgrade of the screen makes the C10 more than a thousand yuan cheaper than the S10, providing a relatively cheap option for Chinese parents and students.

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