E-Ink new product: Hanvon launches smart office notebook A6 (industry customized version) to improve corporate meeting and office efficiency

Hanvon Technology released its latest 10.3-inch smart office notebook A6 (industry customized version) in mid-May, and it was officially launched on May 31. It aims to provide enterprises with an efficient, safe and flexible digital office solution, with many features Customize features to meet different business needs.

Let’s first talk about the hardware configuration of Hanvon Smart Office Laptop A6. It uses a 10.3-inch black and white ink screen with a resolution of 1404X1872, 227PPI, 30-level DC dimming, and warm and cold color temperatures . The processor is equipped with RK3566, which was common in early readers, 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. In addition, it comes with a large 6000 mAh battery, weighs 435 grams and is 7mm thick. Looking at the above configuration alone, the A6 is not outstanding. What is worth mentioning is that the A6 supports dual-mode operation of hand touch and pen touch. It is equipped with Hanvon's self-developed 8192-level pressure-sensitive electromagnetic pen, which has higher accuracy and sensitivity when writing.

The biggest selling point of this office notebook is that it meets the needs of enterprises and runs the Hanvon OS system developed by Hanvon, emphasizing security and operational flexibility. It has a built-in Hanvon intelligent conference system, which supports one-click initiation of meetings, setting of participants and meeting themes, and reminders of participants through office notebooks and text messages. The four-microphone array supports long-range speech recognition and can simultaneously generate meeting minutes. Recording, transcribing and handwriting can be performed simultaneously, greatly improving meeting efficiency.

In addition, Hanvon Smart Office Notebook A6 is also equipped with a powerful AI assistant that supports AI dialogue Q&A, can understand and process complex language structures, and quickly generate articles, daily reports, weekly reports, emails, product copywriting, and PPT outlines. These functions are designed to help corporate employees improve work efficiency and reduce repetitive labor in daily work.

Most importantly, the industry-customized version of Hanvon Smart Office Notebook A6 is boasted to be equipped with a "national secret-level security chip", which has excellent anti-cracking capabilities to ensure the security of user information, and can be deeply customized according to customers' business needs to provide security Powerful and efficient exclusive solutions suitable for many industries such as finance, energy, central state-owned enterprises and network operators. This device not only has high performance and multi-functionality, but can also be connected to collaborative office application software through reserved customized functional interfaces to meet the personalized needs of various industries, and can customize and upload industry materials and documents. Meet the paperless office needs of enterprises.

This product for business customers is priced at 5680RMB. Interested readers can go to Hanvon JD.com’s self-operated flagship store to order.

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