E-Ink新品:國悅K3 Color──Bigme InkNote Color+青春版的弱化版本

New E-Ink Product: Guoyue K3 Color──The weakened version of Bigme InkNote Color+ Youth Edition

You may be unfamiliar with Guoyue, a Chinese brand, but in the past two years, Guoyue has unknowingly launched near-full-size reader models, ranging from the 6-inch Read to the 13.3-inch Paper. Facing the wave of color readers in 2023, Guoyue released its latest 10.3-inch color machine K3 Color using Kaleido 3 on May 22, and began pre-sale the next day. The price is 3299RMB, and the initial discount price is 2999RMB.

This K3 Color and Bigme InkNote Color+ Youth Edition have many similarities, the same panel, mold (but the color is different) and hardware specifications, the same smart electromagnetic pen, and even the built-in reading program uses Bigme xReader, cloud Space also uses the Great Self Cloud. People can't help but wonder, what is the relationship between Guoyue and Bigme? In fact, Guoyue and Bigme are brother brands, and they are both subsidiaries of "Bigme Holdings", so the two brands share their own core technologies.

The difference between the two lies in the positioning. Bigme products focus on productivity, while Guoyue focuses on reading and notes, so this Guoyue K3 Color can be regarded as a weakened version of Bigme InkNote Color+ Youth Edition. There is no ChatGPT, which is related to productivity. The functions of . Another point worth mentioning is that Guoyue is targeting the Chinese market, while Bigme will expand to overseas in addition to the domestic market.

Guoyue is expected to deliver this new product to reservation users in mid-June.

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