New E-Ink product: Gemini─a dual E-Ink screen device that won the iF Design Award 2024

Recently, there is an E-Ink product that has not been released on the market, but has won the famous iF Design Award 2024. It is the Gemini dual-screen product designed by Hefei LCFC Information Technology Co.

Gemini is equipped with two 7.8-inch e-ink screens that support 360-degree adjustment. This design allows users to choose the most suitable screen layout according to different work and study needs, such as PC keyboard input mode, large-screen reading mode and screen split mode.

For book lovers, it should be a pleasure to be able to turn the pages and read like a real book.

In order to improve interaction efficiency, the product is also equipped with physical turntables and buttons to simplify the operation process. In addition, Gemini introduced a stylus with an integrated microphone module designed to provide more diverse input options, including voice input and handwriting input. The microphone module of this stylus is detachable to adapt to different usage scenarios.

The stylus is detachable and has different functions.

Dual e-ink screens are a major feature of the Gemini, which are designed to provide a paper-like reading experience while maintaining low energy consumption to extend battery life. This design takes into account visual comfort and energy efficiency when reading or working for long periods of time.

Gemini's versatility is reflected in the fact that it can not only be used as a reading and note-taking device, but can also replace traditional laptops to a certain extent. It is designed to provide users with a more flexible way of working and learning.

Although Gemini demonstrates the possibilities of e-ink technology and a multi-functional mobile workstation, details such as the specific time and price of its market launch have not yet been made public. In addition, there is currently a lack of specific information about the product’s technical specifications such as performance, memory, storage and operating system. Looking forward to further news in the future.
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